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US Safety Commission Announces Recall Of More Hoverboards
For a while it seemed that the next big trend would be hoverboards, and for a while it was hard not to see a YouTuber upload a video of them zipping around the city on these devices. While they are still in existence, it’s pretty obvious that their popularity has waned immensely following reports that many of these devices were exploding/catching on fire.

Family Sues Amazon Over Exploding Hoverboard
You might recall that back in 2015, hoverboards were one of the more popular tech trends and were also one of the more popular gift ideas at that time. Unfortunately following a spate of explosions, the device was banned and deemed unsafe, leading to retailers such as Amazon pulling the device from their shelves.

Australian Government Issues Interim Ban On ‘Hoverboards’
While in reality they’re more like self-balancing scooters, many are referring to these devices as ‘hoverboards’ and as fun as they look, it seems that they are considered a safety hazard. We have heard stories of these devices catching fire while they are being charged, and there was an instance where a home was nearly burnt down due to the fire it started.

US Customs Already Hauled Up 16,000 Counterfeit 'Hoverboards'
The folks over at the US Customs must be rather busy at the moment, having revealed that the hardworking men and women in their team have already picked up 16,000 counterfeit ‘hoverboards’ – and counting. I don’t suppose that the New York MTA is upset with this development – nay, they would be ecstatic, taking into consideration as to how hoverboards have been banned from subways and stations already. In […]


Amazon Now Offering Refunds For All Hoverboards
Hoverboards became insanely popular over the past year, they became the kind of accessory you’d expect all the “cool kids” to have, but as it turns out that they also happen to be a potential fire hazard. There might be a couple of companies that make safe hoverboards but the market is flooded with cheaper alternatives and they pose a fire risk. Amazon was a popular place to buy hoverboards and […]

US Marshals Raid Chinese Hoverboard Booth At CES
CES is usually a place where we can expect many new product announcements to be made, and new innovative products to be shown off. However during CES 2016, it looks like there was a bit of drama as US Marshals actually raided a Chinese hoverboard maker’s booth, taking away their products, signs, and fliers in the process.The company in question is Changzhou First International Trade Co., and according to reports […]

Intel And Segway Create Hoverboard That Doubles As Your Robot Valet
Hoverboards have had quite a lot of bad press lately given that they have been banned left, right and center. It’s not that everybody that’s making them is making defective hoverboards, it’s just that the market is flooded with substandard products that also happen to be at risk of fire. Nevertheless, Intel showed off something very cool at CES 2016, it’s a hoverboard that it has built with Segway, but this […]

Another Hoverboard Catches Fire While Charging In Australia
Are hoverboards dangerous? We suppose if you fall off them, they could be considered dangerous. That being said, they are also known to be dangerous simply because of their tendency to catch on fire, especially during charging. So much so that Amazon has decided to stop the sale of certain hoverboards, and that USPS will not ship orders by plane.That being said it looks like we hearing about yet another […]

$20,000 Hoverboard Can Fly For Six Minutes
Hoverboards became a household name this year, they also became the must have accessory for the “cool kids,” even though consumer safety agencies have found some of them to be potential fire risks. That’s really one of the reasons why hoverboards are being banned by everyone from airlines to universities. There is a world beyond these self-balancing scooters though, hoverboards that can actually fly, but they tend to cost as much […]

Even Colleges Are Banning Hoverboards
Hoverboards just can’t seem to catch a break, it’s been a bad couple of weeks for these self-balancing scooters, as they’ve pretty much been shown the door. They’re being banned left, right and center with colleges even jumping into the mix. The George Washington University has announced that it’s going to prohibit self-balancing scooters, a.k.a hoverboards, from its campus starting January 1st, 2016.

U.S. Postal Service Will Not Ship Hoverboards By Plane
Hoverboards have made quite a reputation for themselves particularly this year as they were deemed to be the must have accessory for the cool kids, but there have been many who don’t like them, who think that one looks ridiculous when riding on a hoverboard that’s really a self-balancing scooter in reality. They have also proven to be a fire risk in some cases, so much so that retailers and […]