hoverboardAre hoverboards dangerous? We suppose if you fall off them, they could be considered dangerous. That being said, they are also known to be dangerous simply because of their tendency to catch on fire, especially during charging. So much so that Amazon has decided to stop the sale of certain hoverboards, and that USPS will not ship orders by plane.

That being said it looks like we hearing about yet another case of hoverboards catching on fire, and this time it is over in Australia. According to the reports, the hoverboard was plugged into the wall of a young girl’s bedroom where it started sparking and catching on fire. It was thanks to the smoke alarm that alerted them to the fire that they managed to escape unscathed, although their home was badly damaged in the process.

Now you might be thinking that maybe these hoverboards were imported and because of that, they did not meet Australian standards. However according to the father, Ash Ibraheim, they did. “We heard there were a lot of imported versions that weren’t complying, so we wanted to make sure we got the right thing.”

In any case we’re not sure if this is a freak accident or if the manufacturer/importer lied about it being compliant with Australian standards, but this isn’t the first time we have heard of such incidents, so perhaps you should keep an eye out on your hoverboard the next time you leave it charging.

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