bing new logoWhen you tell someone to search for information online, rarely do you hear the phrase, “Go Yahoo it” or “Go Bing it”. Usually, the term used would be “Go Google it”, and with Google being such a dominant platform, one has to wonder if competing search engines should even bother trying.

However it looks like Microsoft is still fighting the good fight, and to show their commitment to the Bing search platform, the company has revealed that Bing will be getting a new logo (see image above). The end result is a logo in green with a slightly cleaner, and we suppose flatter, image.

According to a Microsoft spokeswoman, the reason for the change in color is because green is easier to see compared to yellow and that the new logo will look better across Microsoft’s devices and services. This would be the second time Microsoft has changed its logo. Bing was introduced in 2009 and it got a new logo in 2013, the one that some of you guys might still be seeing, but after today, you should expect to see the new one on Bing’s website.

Speaking to AdAge, Rik van der Kooi, Microsoft’s corporate VP of advertiser and publisher solutions said, “We expect Bing to continue to grow and are thrilled with our trajectory. We are the only search engine that is experiencing steady, consistent growth and have increased our share for 26 consecutive quarters. And we’re not slowing down.”

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