bb-passport-whiteDuring CES, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen seemed to talk quite a fair bit about Android. Given the success of the BlackBerry PRIV, we aren’t that surprised. In fact if anything, we also learnt that there is a good chance that we could see two more Android devices launched this year by the Canadian company.

Sounds good, right? In case you didn’t notice, there was no mention of BlackBerry 10, leading many to speculate that BlackBerry could be letting the platform fade out in favor of Android, which not only has a larger reach but allowed the company to create one of its more popular phones in recent times. The good news for BB OS 10 fans is that the platform isn’t going anywhere.

According to Chen who wrote a post on BlacKBerry’s blog, “At CES 2016, BlackBerry has been busy discussing self-driving cars, global carrier support for PRIV and consumer healthcare apps. But as we shift our energies toward all these exciting opportunities, does that mean the BlackBerry 10 operating system is dead? Far from it.”

Chen also notes that they will continue to invest in BlackBerry 10 in 2016, and that they will share the details of their roadmap when they are ready. He adds, “We’re innovating deeply in many new areas, as our many announcements show. Even still, we’re not abandoning the loyal customers who have contributed to our success.” We’re not sure what the end result will be and what kind of device we can expect, but BB OS 10 users can rest easy after hearing this.

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