code-a-pillar-5[CES 2016] It certainly pays to start young if you would like to maximize the chances of one to be particularly skillful in a niche market. Coding is one of them, and Fisher-Price has introduced the Code-A-Pillar, a new kind of toy that will expose the little ones to the foundational skills of coding, similar thinking skills, problem solving and sequencing.

It might look like a regular toy caterpillar that lights up and moves around, but it is modular in nature. It basically encourages one to experiment while developing coding, sequencing and critical thinking skills. Meant for preschoolers, they can arrange the various segments of the Code-A-Pillar in virtually endless combinations, so that the Code-A-Pillar can move around. Challenge levels can increase by choosing how you would want the Code-A-Pillar to move around the room’s floor beforehand.

There are 8 light-up segments, a motorized head segment that boasts of lights, sounds and blinking eyes to capture one’s attention, and a couple of targets. A quartet of AA batteries will be required to run the entire shebang, and if you would like to increase the number of segment add-ons, those can be purchased separately. Out later this fall for $49.99 per caterpillar, it is truly a modern toy worth exploring.

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