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LEGO Unveils Porsche GT3 RS With Moving Engine Parts
In the past we have seen LEGO come up with some highly-detailed replicas of cars, but if you’re looking for something that’s more than just a shell of a car, you might be interested in checking out the recently unveiled LEGO Technic Porsche GT3 RS which we have to say, is pretty damn detailed as they come.

Code-A-Pillar Introduces The Young To Coding
[CES 2016] It certainly pays to start young if you would like to maximize the chances of one to be particularly skillful in a niche market. Coding is one of them, and Fisher-Price has introduced the Code-A-Pillar, a new kind of toy that will expose the little ones to the foundational skills of coding, similar thinking skills, problem solving and sequencing.

Rovio And Lego Team Up For Angry Birds Toys
Yes, it would seem that after all these years, Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise is still clinging on and recently it looks like it might have gotten a new lease on life. The company has recently announced on its website that they will be teaming up with Lego to create a series of construction toys based on the Angry Birds franchise.Dubbed Lego Angry Birds, these toys will be released in the […]

USB Sniper Rifle
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and all good bosses do recognize the wisdom in that particular saying. In fact, that is the reason why some of the more human-oriented companies out there have a chillout room, a place where employees can blow their steam off, as well as send employees on team building activities (and company holidays or trips), too. If you want to vent […]


Minnie Mouse doll ‘breathes’ to help kids fall asleep
Do you remember the character Linus in the Peanuts strip? He had this particular comfort blanket that he needed in order to remain sane, and there are some kids, no doubt about it, who do need a favorite soft toy or pillow beside them before they are able to get some shuteye. Well, the Japanese have come up with the Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse doll which stimulates slow, gentle […]

Pigs with toys are happier, produce better bacon
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so what happens when you give a pig a toy for it to play with while it is being fattened for the slaughterhouse? I suppose those green piggies from the Angry Birds franchise would be able to appreciate such a plaything, as they would then leave the birds’ eggs well alone. As a result, they would be slaughtered and green […]

Lego motorized Tumbler and The Bat vehicles will bring out the Batman in you
Lego builder Peer Kreuger was able to build Lego models of the highly fantasized vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises hit movie. But they are not just your ordinary Lego blocks. That’s because Kreuger was able do motorized versions of the Tumbler as well as of The Bat (well, not totally). Basically, Kreuger’s Tumbler, available in black and brown, have LED lights on them and boy they look amazing.The Bat […]

Swimmable Mermaid Tail might be the perfect summer purchase
Most girls have this particular dream of growing up as a princess, and they do wait for their prince to come – whether he is riding on a horse, or comes in the form of a frog that needs a kiss. However, how many of them are willing to be a mermaid and lose the use of their legs instead? After all, my memory does not recall whether there are […]

Son-X Octavia might be a common sight in playgrounds soon
Summer last year saw the announcement of the Son-X Octavia, which has been described as a solar-powered “interactive sound device” that is now shipping to schools across Europe. I guess despite the economic troubles that the region is going through, it still makes sense to splurge for the little ones to have a memorable childhood, no? The Son-X Octavia looks like some sort of digital coconut, where it is strapped […]

Furby returns this year, potential Furby craze to ensue?
Anyone remember the Furby toy? This is one furry yet mechanical toy proved to be the Christmas piece de resistance back in 1998, sending parents into a frenzy to get one of these for their little ones, and with the insane demand, market forces dictated the resale price as triple that of the shelf sticker price tag. Manufacturers of the Furby, Tiger Electronics, have been toying with the idea of […]

Songify app turned into a toy
Ready for yet another iOS app turned into a toy? Previously we had the I Am T-Pain Mic which was based on the I Am T-Pain app, and now we’ve got another “musical” iOS app that made that jump – Songify. In case you’re unsure of what Songify does, it’s basically an app that automatically turns whatever you say into a “songified”, auto-tuned track. Great for laughs, and is capable […]

Mattel Hoverboard hails Back to the Future series
Most of us would have watched Back to the Future by now, and Marty McFly’s hoverboard is definitely one of the cooler gadgets from the science fiction setting, where we are left wondering just when will tomorrow’s technology arrive today? The future is now if Mattel has their ways, conjuring a full-scale replica of the hoverboard that was used by hero Marty McFly. The only drawback is, this hoverboard of […]

Remote control level: Asian!
Remote control toys normally involve the usual suspects, ranging from a helicopter to a quadrotor or a car, but I guess the Japanese decided to turn up the madness level by another notch with one of their weirder releases – a remote control cart. Yes sir, you are surely too familiar with those metal carts that can be folded up in half when not in use for easy storage – […]

"The Greatest Toy in the Universe" needs a name
If you’re looking for “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”, look no further. The folks over at Wow! Stuff have come up with may possibly be the greatest toy in existence. At the moment it doesn’t have a name (we’ll get to that later) but we’re pretty sure it’s what every boy wanted when he was a kid. It is a six-legged, multi-directional, remote-controlled robot that features customizable armor and […]