Facebook has been testing a new feature called Reactions since last year, the feature has already been rolled out to users in several countries, and the social network did say that if the response was positive it would release this feature globally. For those who haven’t heard about Reactions before they are basically emojis that allow users to interact with posts on Facebook in different manners as opposed to just clicking on a Like button.

You can like almost everything on Facebook but sometimes the Like button might not convey the appropriate message. For example, liking a friend’s status update about the passing away of their dog might not convey the feeling you really want to convey, and that’s where Reactions come in.

Reactions provide users with a different way to express their humor, sadness, love and awe depending on the situation. Many have been asking for Facebook to come out with a dislike button for a very long time, Reactions is the closest we’re getting to an actual dislike button.

It appears that the response from users who got Reactions before everybody else has been positive that Facebook has decided to rollout this feature for everybody. It has confirmed to Bloomberg that Reactions will be available to all of its billion-plus users across the globe in “the next few weeks.”

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