far_cry_primalFar Cry Primal is the next installment in the Far Cry franchise from Ubisoft. The game was officially announced back in October and it is expected to be released in February on consoles, followed by a PC release in March. In case the name and images weren’t obvious enough, Far Cry Primal will take players back to the Stone Age.

That being said, it’s safe to say that English wasn’t a language spoken back in the Stone Age which meant that the developers have to get creative as to how to go about NPCs and players communicated in the game, so much so that in the end, they actually got historical linguists to create a language specific to the game.

According to creative director Jean-Christophe Guyot, one of the issues when casting the voice actors was the language.“They were [speaking] in English… and it felt very notimmersive,” which led to them working with linguists and anthropologists to get a better idea of what kind of language was spoken back then.

He adds, “We worked with them, and they projected how it would be simplified if we would go back even further. So that’s how we really created the language of the Wenja (the game’s main tribe) and we created three variants of it, one for each tribe.” This isn’t the first time that a language has been created for a specific purpose. For example the Klingon language was invented specifically for Star Trek, and let’s not forget HBO’s Game of Thrones had the Dothraki language created for it as well.

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