gosun-1[CES 2016] There is nothing quite like spending quality time with your family, and to enjoy their company with a good meal in tow as well. The American way would be to host a BBQ dinner – where you grill beef patties while having a blast of a time. Grilling meat might be easy for a seasoned veteran, but this does not mean that you do not look for more eco-friendly ways of doing so, and the GoSun stove is something that is worth considering.

There will be two different models on offer – the GoSun Sport and the GoSun Grill. Regardless of which particular model that you pick, they will get the job done with minimal power, as you can tell by the name of the devices, they happen to rely mostly on the power of the sun to get the job done.

It works fast, taking just 20 minutes to cook a meal as temperature hits the 290 degrees Celsius mark, and it can cook even though it is a particularly cloudy day, or when you host a night BBQ. This is because it will be able to store power from the sun while there is still light, and get the job done when vampires come out to roam. Not only that, it is clean for the environment as there is no soot, flames or fuels required, all the while ensuring your family enjoys a healthy and delicious meal as flavor and nutrition remain within.

Certainly, the concave form factor does play an important role in keeping them meat well grilled at the end of the day.

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