google-nexus-5-red-009Do you take expandable memory on your smartphone for granted? Well, not all smartphones do come with an expansion slot in the form of a microSD memory card slot, and it seems that the last Google Nexus handset that had a microSD card slot happened to be the maiden Nexus smartphone, which is the Google Nexus One way back in 2010. Of course, this does not mean that newer generation Nexus handsets need to lose out on this feature, although a fair bit of DIY skill would have to come in handy, and you happen to have an appetite for risk. Someone decided to take the plunge with the 2013 Google Nexus 5 (as you can see above), where Reddit user Sockpockets removed the back cover of his handset, hooked up a microSD card adapter to the micro USB connector, allowing his device to read removable storage cards.

Taking into consideration how Android 6.0 Marshmallow paves the way for adoptable storage, he could actually make use of the microSD card as though it was part of the internal storage, although due to the mechanics of it, the data transfer/access speeds will obviously not be as fast as internal memory. One major issue would arise from this hack – the back cover won’t fit anymore with the connected adapter, and there is the constant risk of dust collecting into the circuitry. Ah well, at least it shows that it can be done.

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