European startup Smart & Blue is building awareness about water conservation with the first water-powered and Bluetooth connected showerhead Hydrao. Not only does the connected showerhead tracks water usage in the shower but it also adds a splash of color to your mornings. Not only does it track water usage but also educates users on the importance of self-water restrictions.


Easy to assemble, Hydrao can be installed into any conventional tub. It has been designed to help you reduce excessive water usage in the home through technology and positive reinforcement.

The sleek design also features LED lights and can easily be transformed into a standard detachable showerhead by removing it from the mount. It starts tracking water flow instantly and a green light will shine as long as the shower water used does not exceed 3 gallons.

If this water level is exceeded Hydrao will link up with the companion mobile app and the showerhead will change colors to alert users about the next threshold. The companion app has been designed for a family of four and enables users to create individual profiles, set thresholds and track water conservation per shower. Since a 7-10 minute shower takes up about 20 gallons of water the 3-tier thersholds are designed to alert users before that amount is exceeded.

Smart & Blue is showcasing Hydrao for the first time at CES Unveiled, pricing and availability information for the connected showerhead have not been immediately confirmed.

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