russia-hackedIf one were to rewind the clock by three years back to the time when the FBI got hold of TorMail, which happened to be one of the most popular dark web email services around, then surely there would be some innocent TorMail users who might have been hacked when the FBI began to go through the server’s contents. Researchers did have a niggling suspicion at that point in time that the FBI did deploy a network investigative technique (NIT) in order to infect users of the site. Looks like the passage of time has revealed additional information, with confirmation of the hacking actually arrived.

Certainly this revelation would have raised its fair share of questions, and it remains to be seen as to whether the hacking was done on a far larger scale compared to what the FBI has revealed, and if that were to be the case, certainly innocent users of TorMail would have had their email hacked along the way. I suppose the politically correct term for such a situation would be “collateral damage”.

One former TorMail user did step forward to say that the malicious code “appeared before you even logged in.” In fact, there should be a large number of TorMail users who were clean and not engaged in any kind of criminal activity whatsoever, and the FBI certainly will not divulge any more additional information.

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