ipad mini 4 handThe iPad mini hasn’t really been getting the same amount of attention compared to the newer iPad Air series and the recently launched iPad Pro. However despite that, it seems that many users have taken to the smaller tablet because according to the latest figures from CIRP, the iPad mini accounts for nearly half of all iPads sold in the US.


According to 2015’s numbers, it seems that iPad minis accounted for 47% of iPads sold. This is more than the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 models, both of which accounted for 40% which is still a fair amount, but if anything it goes to show that the smaller models do appear to be more popular than their larger siblings.

It was also found that the iPad mini 2 proved to be the most popular, despite the fact that there are at least two generations of iPad minis in front of it. The iPad mini 3, unsurprisingly, was the least popular of the lot. This is because the iPad mini 3’s refresh wasn’t particularly compelling, plus it was also overshadowed by the newer and thinner iPad Air.

As for the iPad Pro, it seems to be holding its own pretty well and accounts for about 12% of all iPads sold, despite the fact that it is considerably more expensive.

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