Rock and roll is forever, everybody knows that, and now one of the icons of this music genre will live forever in Grand Theft Auto 5 as well. Fans of Lemmy, iconic rock star and founding member of English heavy metal band Mötorhead, have created a GTA 5 mod that allows you to play as the man himself. Lemmy recently passed away.

Ian Kilmister, known commonly as Lemmy, passed away on December 28th at the age of 70 merely two days after he learned about his “extremely aggressive” form of cancer. A statement by Motörhead revealed that Lemmy was actually playing a video game when he passed away.

The character model has been well made so you really get the feeling of being Lemmy in Los Santos, and several options have been added that let you do some of the things that Lemmy enjoyed. That includes drinking, smoking excessively and obviously, shredding the guitar.

This mod even has an option to spawn ladies of the night which will follow Lemmy in the game, if that’s more to your liking, even if it’s not many would just appreciate having the option to do this whenever they want to. It really captures that rock and roll spirit when you come to think about it.

“Lemmy Tribute Möd,” that’s what it’s called, is now available for download. It’s only available for those who are playing GTA 5 on PC since you can’t install and run mods for this game, or any other game for that matter, on consoles.

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