lg-curve-hd-display-2[CES 2016] LG is certainly on a roll this CES, having kicked off the show by aiming high, not to mention delivering an 18″ rollable OLED display, as well as an IPS Ultrawide Curved Thunderbolt monitor, but what else do they have in store for the realm of promotions and advertising? Why, since they have more or less stepped into bendable and rollable display territory, it certainly makes much sense to merge a number of similiar displays together – and have them arrived curved, no less, as you can see above.


These huge curved UHD display actually comprises of eight different 65″ UHD displays, where there are four on each side and placed together in a vertical manner, resulting in an effective viewing area of 139″ across diagonally, while being curved in the right places for a truly interesting way of getting the message across. It will certainly be a pleasant departure from the usual flat screens that we tend to see these days, as it adds a dash of elegance to the whole atmosphere. The thing is, will the cost come down enough so that companies are willing to invest in it by the time it is available commercially? Only time will be able to tell, so stay tuned as we see what LG’s next move is.

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