skywalker blasterThere are tons of Star Wars fans in the world, many of whom have expressed their fandom by wearing t-shirts, buying costumes, accessories for their phones, plushies, toys, and etc. However while these are official merchandise, we can only imagine that the ultimate collectible would be stuff from the movie.

The good news is that you can soon own one, if you have the cash. It seems that the blaster prop used by Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back is available for bidding, but unfortunately its price tag will probably put most people off, save for the very rich and very huge Star Wars fans.

According to the auction listing,“The iconic gun is the same model used by Han Solo, a design based on the German issue Mauser C96 pistol and custom made by casting the original prop used in the first Star Wars. Gun retains its original flash suppressor and scope, though it does not (and never did) fire, making it the lighter model used in the movie for non-firing scenes.”

The prop was actually given to Mark Hamill , but it has somehow found its way to the auction block where bids will start $200,000. Like we said, this puts it way out of reach for the average fan, but we’re sure many would love to get their hands on it all the same.

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