netflix-expansionAs you might have heard, today Netflix announced a major expansion effort where they would be expanding to 130 new countries. Prior to this, there was a good chance that many of these countries already had Netflix subscriptions, but they had to go the long way round by using US addresses and VPNs, but not anymore.

That being said, how many people will actually want to start subscribing? While the $9.99 fee in the US might be considered affordable, converted in local currency it might be a lot for some users. The good news is that Netflix seems to be cool with you sharing your account, as stated by the company’s CEO during their CES announcement.

According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, “We love people sharing Netflix. That’s a positive thing, not a negative thing.” He goes on to add that sharing could potentially lead to new customers as users might decide that ultimately they would prefer using their own Netflix account, especially if you subscribe to the Basic package which only allows streaming on one screen at a time.

However before you think about sharing your account with your friends, it seems that Hastings’s statement was more towards sharing within the household, where siblings could share with each other, parents, and so on.

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