hoc-s5If a particular show has its fair share of viewers, you can be sure that networks would want to extend said show by another season – and another, and another, until they milk the proverbial cash cow dry. Well, Netflix has already seen numerous House of Cards seasons announced on their service, and this time around, it has been confirmed that they too, will ensure that Season 5 of House of Cards will arrive – in 2017, of course. There is one particular point to take note of however – Season 5 will not see the hand of series creator Beau Willimon in it.

Willimon’s Twitter profile did offer an explanation – that while he has been hard at work on House of Cards over the past five years, it would be in his best interests to take a sabbatical – perhaps that would give him the appetite to work on it in the future, if ever. Either way, having new blood at the helm is always good as familiarity more often than not, breeds complacency. House of Cards’ production company, Media Rights Capital, have not made any announcement for a replacement to date, but they are definitely grateful to Beau Willimon for all of his work to date.

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