night_shiftIt has often been recommended that if you want to ensure that you’ve gotten a good night’s rest, that you should probably not use your phone or tablet or computer right before bed. Apparently this is due to the blue light emitted by your phone’s display that messes up your sleep cycle, thus preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

The good news is that with the upcoming iOS 9.3 update, Apple has included a new feature called Night Shift. Basically, what this feature does is that it will adjust your phone’s display to help make it easier on your eyes before you go to bed. This will happen depending on the time and location which helps determine what time it is and whether the feature should be activated.

Essentially if it is morning, the feature won’t be activated. According to Apple, the feature will adjust the color of the screen “to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes.” It will then revert back to normal in the morning. Apart from Apple, we’ve seen companies such as Philips introduce similar features to their phones.

Amazon has also introduced a similar feature called Blue Shade to their Fire tablets, and based on the inclusion of Night Shift in iOS 9.3, it is starting to look like more manufacturers are starting to acknowledge that this is an issue. No word on when iOS 9.3 will be released, but this feature does sound like it could be worth looking forward to.

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