nintendo mobileLast year Nintendo announced their first mobile game called Miitomo. It looks like a rather odd game and seems to be more of a social game than an actual game that gamers might be more familiar with, but it’s the company’s first mobile effort so we guess they can be forgiven. So what about Nintendo’s more popular characters? Will they be coming to mobile?

The good news is that they will, and they are expected to make their way onto mobile games that are launched this year, according to the company’s newly-appointed president Tatsumi Kimishima. The company is expected to launch four new mobile games by March 2017, and it is expected that some of them that features popular Nintendo characters will be arriving by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, it is unclear as to which characters we can expect, but either way, it should be a treat for fans all the same. However despite this, we should note that while the games will feature popular characters, they won’t necessarily be of the same playstyle compared to the games that they are in.

Nintendo’s former president Satoru Iwata (who passed away last July) stated that the company did not want to do anything to hurt their brand image, so while you will see popular characters, they might be used in a different context. Either way, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo might have up their sleeves for 2016.

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