It’s become sort of a common theme lately to just take something and slap “smart” on it, yes there’s an advantage to connecting mundane objects to the internet, even if not a lot of people use them in that fashion. Petnet is hoping that you’ll use its SmartBowl quite a bit, it calls this new product the “world’s first” smart pet bowl. It’s a bowl that you put food in for your pet, except that it’s smart.


SmartBowl enables users to adjust their pet’s nutrition based on breed, activity and lifestyle. The companion app can be used to create profiles for pets with specifics such as age, activity level and weight.

It will then guide the users from there and tell them when they have poured just the right amount of food for their pet. The app will provide them with notifications for food supply, meal confirmations, feeding times and battery life.

“The SmartBowl fixes that by guiding the pet owner to the perfect portions every time,” said Carlos Herrera, Petnet CEO, adding that this product “cares for the way your pet eats.”

SmartBowl works with both dry and wet food, and it can be configured to automatically ship more food to the home as and when required. It’s going to be released in April this year and will retail for $49.

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