reddit_betaIt looks like the folks over at Reddit have begun to test their official Android app, and while many Reddit users will rejoice at this bit of news, one ought to take note that the window of opportunity to sign up for the closed beta is no longer there. According to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, Reddit has certainly gone through a fair number of changes over the past year, and only those who stepped forward to volunteer to test it in December last year have received access today.


Based on feedback from those who have given it a go, they are more or less unanimous when it comes to the presence of bugs as well as the lack of features in the Reddit Android app. Then again, it would surely be a surprise if neither were mentioned, especially since this is still a beta version of the app, and it looks as though there is still a fair amount of work that needs to be done before all of the shortcomings will be able to be weeded out.

There was no mention as to when the Reddit Android app will make an official debut to the masses, but until then, I guess users who did not volunteer to test it out will just have to settle for a slew of third-party Reddit apps. Oh yeah, there was also mention of an iOS version of the app, so we will just have to sit tight and wait.

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