ricoh-theta-s-1[CES 2016] We all know that we are unable to glance around us as quickly as a mouse flick can at a high sensitivity level in a First Person Shooter (FPS) title, simply because our human reflexes are not all that fast. However, this does not mean that one cannot get involved in having a quick 360-degree view all around – and better yet, to be able to capture it digitally for posterity. Ricoh has revealed the Theta S in the second half of last year, where it has since proven itself to be quite the capable device to capture 360-degree scenes all around you.

With the Ricoh Theta S, you will be able to produce both photos as well as videos which will allow viewers to check out the whole scene, which can be explored by scrolling up, down, sideways and all around in the resulting image. It will not come in the shape of a ball, but rather, is rectangular in nature which makes it extremely easy to grip with one hand, and you can even place it on a compatible tripod if the need arises. Well, if you want to see just how the Ricoh Theta S delivers visually when everything is compiled, you might want to drop by Ricoh’s booth and enter their spherical looking “tent”.

This is definitely an improvement over the previous Theta device from Ricoh.

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