Live streaming these days is pretty common, and given how widespread virtual reality is becoming, soon streaming in VR will become pretty commonplace, especially when you consider that there are quite a few affordable VR headsets out there in the market today. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ricoh has something for would-be streamers.

The company has recently announced the Ricoh R Developer kit. This is a camera that can capture video footage in 360-degree format, but unlike its other 360-degree products, this camera can livestream 2K footage at 30fps, which is actually very watchable and it can even stitch together the footage in real time as it takes place.

Now obviously to stream live you’ll need some kind of power and the camera will need constant AC power if you want to stream continuously. It can output video through HDMI or USB, and will also be able to record video onto a microSD card, but if you plan to capture footage in 2K then you’ll want to invest in a high capacity card.

The Ricoh R Developer kit is currently priced at $500 and is available for pre-order via Ricoh’s website. It won’t be available in all countries just yet so you’ll have to check the list to see if your country is listed.

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