We all know that our modern day consoles are pretty powerful consoles in their own right, but just how powerful can they get? Well, back in 1995, if you had a computer that ran on Windows 95, that was wonderful, especially when Windows 95 was a quantum leap over Windows 3.1 and DOS for many other people. How about porting over this ancient operating system to a modern day portable gaming platform? We are talking about the Nintendo 3DS XL running Windows 95 as you can see in the video above,

Do bear in mind that the port does not apply to the older generation of the Nintendo 3DS, but there is work being done behind the scenes to ensure that it happens as well. Shutterbug2000, a user on the GBATemp.net forums, shared, “Back a while ago, I tried compiling the dosbox from libretro, and using retroarch to emulate dosbox. Yet, every time, it froze on a rainbow glitchy mess. So, I gave up for a while. Until tonight. So, I tried it on my n3ds, and it just worked. So, I think the o3ds just isn’t powerful enough to run dosbox, or there’s not enough ram. So, that’s how this all got started. At it’s core, this is just libretro/retroarch dosbox. But I figured, hey, everyone want’s Windows on their 3DS, right?”

Booting into Windows 95 is one thing, but to do something with it is another story altogether, but at least we know it does boot into Microsoft’s old favorite, right?

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