800Sfront[CES 2016] Mention the Sennheiser HD 800, and you can be sure that many audiophiles out there would be able to tell you with a cherished sigh on how it sports brilliant sound image and impressive spatiality. Well, the Sennheiser HD 800 S will definitely sport something that will bring about an unbalance to the equation, where it will surpass the listening experience of its predecessor. The proven transducer technology and the innovative earcup design of the HD 800 will continue to see action here, whereas the sound image has received a bump by being optimized in the medium and low frequency range.

Sennheiser has also decided to enhance the equipment level of the HD 800 S by throwing in a symmetrical XLR4 cable. If your eyes are keen enough, you would also have noticed that the color would have changed ever so slightly – the new model’s earcups look resplendent in a premium matte-black finish.

Sound reproduction on the HD 800 S has been optimized to surpass that of what the legendary HD 800 had set prior, and this is because of the innovative absorber technology incorporated within. As a result, one gets to experience the neutralization of the “masking effect”.

Not only that, it has one of the largest transducers ever to see action in a pair of dynamic headphones, measuring 56mm, but the patented diaphragm with its innovative ring design ensures that any distortion will be minimized, especially at higher frequencies.

You will find the HD 800 S steeped in luxury thanks to the presence of specially manufactured stainless steel gauze, while the headband sports a design that comprises of several layers of sound-attenuating plastic and stainless steel, with the connector contacts being gold-plated to ensure optimum contact. Being hand-crafted at the company’s German headquarters in Wedemark, Germany, you can be sure that it is not going to come cheap at all, with an asking price of $1,699.95 when it ships from early this month onward.

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