xbox-one-hands-on-review-02You would think that these days after learning about how dangerous in-game purchases can be in terms of racking up credit card charges, parents would be more careful about allowing their children to make such purchases. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case over in Canada where a 17-year old managed to rack up $8,000 in in-game purchases on the Xbox One while playing FIFA.

While the teen admitted that he did knowingly make the purchases, he was shocked to find out how much that he had truly spent. Also, it seems that instead of being upset at his son, his dad Lance Perkins is instead upset at his credit card company and Microsoft, going as far as to swear off Microsoft consoles for good.

According to Perkins, when he contacted Microsoft, they replied by saying that the bill will stand. However Perkins appealed and said that his son is a minor, in which they stated that they will look into it, but to date, they have yet to respond to Perkins’ appeal. He says, “Until I actually hear from them, it’s actually very discouraging.”

As for his credit card company, when he told them the situation, they said that there is nothing they can do unless he decides to charge his son with fraud. If this sounds familiar, it is because several years ago, a man in the UK did exactly that in order to get the charges reversed.

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