wistiki[CES 2016] Sometimes, there are way too many things in life to keep track of, so much so that it can get rather difficult to remember where we put some of our everyday items. Well, Wistiki of France decided to do something about the situation, and them being French, needed to roll out something that is also aesthetically pleasing, hence enlisting the help of Philippe Starck to come up with cool looking designs for its collection of device trackers that you can check out in the extended post below.

These are 100% made in France products, where it helps you to locate your lost items from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone or tablet. I suppose misplacing your keys would soon be a thing of the past, and neither do you have to worry too much should your pet escape from your garden once again.

Comprising of three diminutive and differently shaped and elegant connected trackers, they are the Wistiki voilá!, the Wistiki ahā! and the Wistiki hopla!, which have been specially made for keys, pet collars and wallets, respectively. The Wistiki voilá! was on display here, as the other two have yet to roll off manufacturing lines, but they pretty much do the same thing for different objects/things.

These trackers sport a battery lifetime that is said to be able to last up to 3 years, as it makes use of a longer Bluetooth Low Energy range (up to 328ft.), and delivers a pleasant sonic experience with a unique and loud (90db) ringtone. You can also select from a quartet of different colors, and the question that I now have is this – since you have a bunch of your items connected to your handset via these Wistiki products, but what happens when you lose your phone? They are all said to retail for $50 thereabouts when made available, with the Wistiki voilá! arriving this March, while the Wistiki aha! is said to hit the markets this coming December. Right now, you can check out the live Indiegogo campaign here, where it is priced 65% off the retail price.

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