Apple is providing you with yet another way to purchase the iPhone that you really want, it’s also a way for the company to boost iPhone sales through its stores, the plan is called “Trade Up with Installments” and it allows you to trade-in a smartphone and put the price you get towards reducing monthly payments on a brand spanking new iPhone.

The best part about this plan is that Apple hasn’t limited trade-ins to iOS devices. It’s going to accept Android smartphones as well, they can get up to $300 for their handsets, the value can be put towards reducing the monthly payments on the new iPhone. Payments start at as low as $15 per month.

Trade-in prices for iPhone users hover around the $350 mark if you have an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s even possible to trade-in that old iPhone 4 you have gathering dust in a drawer somewhere for a cool $100.

If you’d rather trade-in your smartphone and not pick up a new iPhone then you can head on over to the Apple Store with your eligible device and get instant credit up to $350 for it. The gift card can be put towards future purchases at Apple, so basically you can trade-in an old iPhone can use that credit to essentially get a discount on a MacBook or iPad.

Those who do pick up a new iPhone will have to make monthly payments for four months. If they want to upgrade their iPhone during that time they simply pay off the balance and then use the trade-in program to upgrade to a new iPhone.

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