Apple Watch-3-Up-PRINTWhile a lot of emphasis and focus has been placed on security for smartphones and computers, when it comes to our wearables, not so much. Perhaps it is because the technology is still relatively new, or maybe because no one really thinks that biometric data like your heart rate or steps are worth stealing.

Either way in what seems like a rather disturbing analysis, the folks at Open Effect (via Engadget) have found that security on our fitness trackers are a lot more lax than we think. According to their research, they found that many trackers contain the same common flaw, which could in theory allow attackers to follow you or intercept your data.

Their research also found that companion apps for devices by Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, and Xiaomi contain security holes that could potentially expose your data, but at the same time let attackers fake data too, meaning that they could change information in the app. However the good news is that in their research, they also found that devices from Apple, Fitbit, and Mio to be relatively secure.

The report also claims that these companies have spoken to the researchers in a bid to further tighten up security. Now this doesn’t mean you should toss your fitness trackers. After all a hacker would be more likely interested in your banking information rather than how many steps you’ve taken today, but all the same this is something companies should be paying more attention to. The full report can be found here.

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