It’s much easier to dictate something than to type it out yourself but not all of us have secretaries at our beck and call to type up our stuff for us. If you’re not in the mood to type you can use the voice typing feature in Google Docs to dictate whatever it is you want to write. Starting today the voice typing feature in Google Docs is even better as it now allows you to edit and format the document using just your voice.

Nothing could be easier than this because it’s not like you can get someone to do your dictation for you, so if you’re absolutely in no mood to type Google Docs has you covered with the voice typing features.

To start using these new abilities select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu in Google Docs on the web in Chrome. The feature only works on the web currently and not through the mobile apps.

Editing and formatting the document becomes very easy them. Use commands like “highlight” or “insert tablet” or “copy” to make Google Docs do your bidding. The full list of supported voice commands is available on Google’s Help Center.

This is a quick and easy way to get work done on Google Docs on the web. I’m sure many are going to appreciate this feature.

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