microsoft_lumia_650It was last year when Cricket Wireless stepped up to the plate by being the very first US carrier to offer the Lumia 640 smartphone to the masses, and it seems that the Lumia 640’s successor, aptly named as the Lumia 650 (reportedly the last Lumia handset in 2016), too, will follow in its footsteps. There were whispers going around that the freshly unveiled Lumia 650 smartphone will be making its way over to Cricket Wireless, and these rumors do seem to hold water.

Just what are some of the evidence around that pushed forward such an idea? Well, it looks like Microsoft’s very own website gave the game away, with special mention made in the support section for the Lumia 650, where one has the choice to download the “Lumia 650 User Guide Cricket” in PDF format, no less.

It is then as clear as day that Cricket will be bringing this particular smartphone to the masses some time down the road, and it remains to be seen whether the larger networks out there will be carrying this device too, although if it’s predecessor were to be an indicator, one should not get one’s hopes up too high. This might be rather restrictive for the handset’s proliferation for sure, but that is how some things roll in life, I guess.

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