cricketThere was one point in time where AT&T and T-Mobile had a great relationship, which was a few years ago when both companies agreed to merge with one another. However due to regulatory disapproval, that deal never happened. Instead AT&T was forced to pay T-Mobile a breakup fee amongst other things.

From there on, their relationship has gone down hill. Now it looks like AT&T’s pre-paid carrier, Cricket Wireless, has taken jabs at T-Mobile too. In a recent promotion that Cricket Wireless launched, they are targeting T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers by offering them a $100 credit towards their bill if they were to make the switch.

The offer will begin this Sunday and is expected to run until the 19th of October. There does not appear to be a limit on the number of lines that you can bring over, but the ones that you do bring over will be eligible for the $100 credit, so we guess you could move your entire family’s plans over to Cricket Wireless if you think it’s a good deal.

Given how outspoken T-Mobile’s CEO is, we reckon it shouldn’t be too long before we John Legere offer up his thoughts/opinions on Cricket’s offer, or perhaps he could come up with a counter-offer instead that will try to poach Cricket’s own customers – who knows?

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