new-uber-iconsDo you use the ridesharing service Uber? Well, what do you think of its logo – the old one? Yes, you read that right, the company has a brand new logo revealed, where the iconic black-and-white Uber icon will be missing only to be replaced by a colorful geometric shape, which will be circular in nature if one is a rider, or hexagonal should you be the driver, and the shape will be surrounding a small, bit-like square. Depending on which country that you reside in, you will see varying colors and patterns. For instance, the US would make use of dark teal, while folks in China will have red and India, turquoise.

Regardless of where you are though, the app will launch by rolling out a rather unique animation that borders on the elegant. What do you think of the rebranded icons that you see above? They are meant to reflect the individuality of Uber’s local markets, but I suppose at the end of the day, it is not so much the beauty of the icon that makes a company valuable, but rather, it would be the service rendered. Perhaps this is in preparation for the company to be more flexible in its product offerings, so that the logo and icons will be able to play nice with new products. [Press Release]

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