nintendo-logoIf you are one who is a big fan of the Zelda series from Nintendo, then you will be pleased as punch to hear more details concerning this title from Nintendo themselves. It seems that apart from the amiibo dungeon for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD being confirmed, Nintendo will also introduce inventory management into the title, where the GamePad will function in a manner where one can transform into wolf form instantly without the need to pause. Miiverse stamps are also part of the deal apart from the Off-TV feature.

But that is not all, however, as a spanking new item known as the Ghost Lantern will also see the light of day, where it glows whenever a Poe is nearby. Sounds like an idea snitched from Sting, the Elvish blade that glows whenever orcs are in the vicinity, don’t you think so? Still, it is a novel idea, and the tedious Tears of Light sections will be made all the more bearable since a “mere” dozen tears are required, as opposed to 16 earlier on.

In Hero Mode, one will experience battles in the toughest settings imaginable, including the double-damage effect without any kind of available health pickups, and those who pick up the Ganondorf amiibo can unlock a kind of a Hero Mode+ as one dishes out four times the damage. Surely this is far more engaging than the rather docile Miimoto title?

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