Check the time, anytime

Check the time, anytime

Yesterday Samsung announced their two latest flagship smartphones in the form of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. One of the features of the phone is its always-on display. This allows the phone to display basic information like the time, date, along with some extra notifications for messages, phone calls, and etc.

Now since this is a software feature, you are probably thinking that the feature could eventually make its way to Samsung’s older phones. Unfortunately you would be disappointed because according to reports, it seems that the always-on feature will be limited to Samsung’s latets flagships, and possibly their flagships later on in the year.

We’re not sure why Samsung isn’t bringing the feature to their older smartphones, but presumably it is so that the Galaxy S7 series will be able to differentiate itself from the other handsets, so if that’s a feature you’d like to have then you will need to get the latest phones in order to have it. Now you might think that this feature could be battery intensive, but it isn’t.

This is thanks to the use of AMOLED technology in which only the required pixels that need to be on will be turned on, as opposed to regular LCD displays where the entire display is turned on, even if the background is black.

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