Batteries in smartphones these days are getting bigger, meaning that they will last you more than a day. However they will still eventually drain and depending on how much you use your phone, you might find yourself out of battery in the middle of the day, and charging your phone might take longer than you might have the time for.

However the good news is that various companies have come forward with solutions to speed up the process, and recently at MWC 2016, Oppo has announced its Super VOOC technology, a charging technology that they claim is the world’s fastest smartphone charging tech which can apparently fully charge a 2,500mAh battery in 15 minutes flat.

This technology isn’t particularly new. As Oppo points out, the company actually launched the tech back in 2014, but fast forward to 2016, the company has made leaps and bounds with the Super VOOC. Oppo is also boasting that not only is the tech fast, but it is also safe.

According to the company, “With its low-voltage pulse-charge system, VOOC Flash Charge avoids the most critical obstacles to safe and efficient charging, which are rooted in charging at an excessively high voltage. Secondly, the low-voltage pulse-charge system uses a new algorithm to dynamically regulate the current. In this way, VOOC can ensure the fastest possible charging time while also maintaining the current within the safe range for the battery. Thirdly, the Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter, cable and connector have all received a full redesign using premium and extremely reliable military-grade materials.”

The tech will also play nicely with micro USB and USB Type-C, meaning that moving forward, we should be able to see this technology integrated into future handsets.

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