There are some who believe that electric toothbrushes are more efficient and effective compared to regular toothbrushes, but to each their own. Now if you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that is also smart, you might be interested to learn that Oral-B has announced a new smart toothbrush in the form of the Genius.

This isn’t Oral-B’s first foray into smart toothbrushes. Last year, the company introduced a series of smart toothbrushes part of their SmartSeries, so the Genius would be its latest addition. So what makes the Genius so different? For starters, it will work together with your smartphone’s camera. The toothbrush comes with a holder that lets you mount your smartphone.

With the camera and the accompanying app, and thanks to motion sensors, it will be able to tell where the toothbrush is inside of your mouth and will provide you with feedback on how well you are brushing your teeth, and if there might be any spots that need you to pay more attention to. It can also pick up details like pressure to ensure that you aren’t brushing too hard, which is a big no-no.

No word on pricing just yet but given that electric toothbrushes don’t come cheap to begin with, we reckon that smart toothbrushes won’t be cheap either. Either way Oral-B is planning on releasing it in July, so for those who are particular about dental hygiene might want to keep an eye out for it. Oral-B also isn’t the first company to come up with smart toothbrushes. Kolibree has revealed several models in the past, with their latest one released earlier last month.


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