Kolibree showed off the “world’s first” connected electric toothbrush at the Consumer Electronics Show last year, Popular Science chose it as a Top 12 Heath Innovation of 2015, and now the company is embracing 2016 by introducing new products, games and software at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas.

Four new games will be released in spring 2016, users can play with Kolibree’s connected sonic toothbrush which doubles as a game controller with 3D motion sensors. It guides users towards better brushing, they can see where they brushed and where they missed, and can score higher by using the correct angle of the brush to better fight plaque and bacteria. The new games are for users aged 3 through teenage years while the Coach features are better suited for adults.

Kolibree has also completely revamped its flagship Go Pirate game, it’s a three month training course for young children. Other games include Rabbids from Ubisoft, Olly Splash, La Fontaine’s Fables and Rage Against the Zombies. All aim to make brushing more fun and effective for the little ones.

An orthodontic brush head is also coming this year, it has been designed with the help of dentists particularly for people who wear braces. It will help avoid post-orthodontia cavities by allowing users to brush more safely and easily directly around the brackets.

Adults who don’t want to open the companion app every time they brush can opt for the Offline Mode, this lets them brush normally with Kolibree with the data being stored until such time the app is opened and then it’s instantly transferred.

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