nexus-6-review-display-1Back when smartphone screens were tiny, tablets made perfect sense. They were lighter than laptops and had screens bigger than a smartphone, meaning that a tablet was an ideal device to surf the web on, at least last time. However today we have smartphones with displays as big as 6-inches, so the question is, are tablets still necessary?

The answer is yes, but at least not for web surfing anymore. According to a recent study conducted by Adobe (via Android Central), they have found that phablets are on the rise when it comes to web usage, and it is at the expense of tablets simply because it combines the best of a smartphone and a tablet.

According to Tamara Gaffney, principal at ADI, “Since then, however, browsing growth by these devices has decreased significantly, and we think this is mainly because smartphone screens are getting bigger. Now, instead of buying both a smartphone and a tablet, people are opting for ‘phablets’ and relying on just this one device—with a larger screen—for all of their browsing.”

It is no secret that the tablet market is starting to shrink as sales are on the decline. While web surfing might not necessarily be a priority on tablets these days, there is still plenty of use for them, like drawing, reading, doing work, and etc., but what do you guys make of this study? Do you agree that with larger-screened smartphones that tablets are no longer as important for web usage?

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