[MWC 2016] Normally, when it comes to proof of concepts, these tend to be exciting to check out – simply because such devices look as though they could be part of the future, and deliver what might seem impossible at this point in time. After all, if a working prototype is already out, it should not be too long before the real deal arrives, assuming Murphy doesn’t step in, right? Having said that, MWC 2016 proved to be the platform where Sony revealed their latest Xperia Eye, a conceptual vision for an ultra compact, wearable wide-angle lens camera.


The Xperia Eye boasts of the flexibility to be easily attached to clothing or worn around the neck if you so desire, making it deliver Sony’s well known camera and sensing technology to a very small form factor – the smallest to date, in fact, where it boasts of a 360-degree spherical lens in order to deliver a natural field of view. There is also an intelligent shutter technology which will rely on facial and voice detection so that it can capture images, while allowing one to enjoy and preserve life’s moments without having to put in too much thought into the technology behind it.

There is no word on availability since this is a proof-of-concept, but this is definitely an interesting piece of wearable tech for sure.

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