We’ve seen many Star Wars related merchandise as well as DIY projects. Now if you’re looking to dress up as a Star Wars character but don’t want to go as the standard Jedi or Sith, how about dressing up as a droid instead? This has been done before, but now thanks to AE Innovations, they have created a helmet that lets you speak “droid”.

This helmet will basically transform the words coming out of your mouth into the various beeping and whirring noises that are synonymous with the droids in the Star Wars universe. The helmets even come with LEDs that light up when it detects that you are speaking to lend an extra effect to it.

The best part is that essentially it works like a walkie-talkie. To the outside world, you would just be making beeping and whirring sounds. However if you have a friend wearing a similar helmet, you could both communicate with each other normally, but everyone else would just hear a bunch of beeping sounds coming from the both of you.

The downside to this helmet is that it is a DIY project. AE Innovations has posted the process and instructions along with the necessary components for you to make your own helmet. However if you aren’t familiar with the process, it might be rather tricky, but either way the instructions can be found on Hackster, so head on over for the details. In the meantime you can check out the helmets in action in the video above.

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