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There was a time when we used to be concerned with a mobile carrier’s performance when it came to calls and texts, that figured into our decision when we were choosing carriers, and while that remains a concern today it has been dwarfed by the need for the best possible mobile data experience. Most of us heavily rely on apps and services that need constant internet connectivity so having a carrier that provides great mobile data speeds is a must now. A report based on recent network tests shows that T-Mobile has edged out Verizon to become the provider of fastest mobile data.


OpenSignal has released its new report based on recent network tests. It collects data using a network testing app and this particular result comes from data taken from 181,927 mobile devices in the United States.


The report shows that T-Mobile is comfortably ahead of the pack when it comes to average 3G speeds. Magenta posted an average speed of 3.5Mbps as opposed to AT&T’s 2.2Mbps with Verizon and Sprint posting a very unimpressive 0.66Mbps and 0.64Mbps respectively.


Verizon did much better on the 4G test but T-Mobile just managed to beat it. Magenta’s average 4G download speeds clocked in at 12.26Mbps as opposed to Verizon’s 11.98Mbps. AT&T and Sprint came second and third with 7.93Mbps and 6.56Mbps respectively.

Speeds don’t mean much if your customers can’t get on the high speed data network and this is where Verizon took the lead. 87 percent of its customers picked up 4G while T-Mobile and AT&T both managed around 82 percent. Sprint is last again with only 70 percent of its customers being able to get a 4G connection.

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