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It was reported last week that Twitter will soon introduce an algorithmic timeline which will no longer show tweets in reverse chronological order, essentially changing the entire experience that millions have come to love. Twitter CEO responded to that controversy and said that while changes were coming they wouldn’t be that drastic. Today it has announced one change to the experience that determines relevant tweets for a user and displays them at the very top.

The feature actually does make sense since many of us follow a lot of people on Twitter and it can be very easy to miss out on tweets from important accounts. The new feature is opt-in and has to be enabled via the settings menu. Which tweets get shown first will depend on which accounts users engage and interact with the most on Twitter.

With the feature switched on when you open the Twitter app after some time it’s going to put the tweets you’re most likely to care about at the top of the timeline, they will be recent and in reverse chronological order. Rest of the tweets will be displayed underneath also in reverse chronological order. Users simply need to pull-to-refresh to get all of the latest tweets as before.

Twitter already has a similar feature called While You Were Away which lists what it thinks to be the most relevant tweets for you at the top so this simply appears to be an improved version of that feature, but actually that feature only shows when users have been away for a very long time.

This new list of algorithmically determined most relevant tweets will be there for the user whenever they open the app or load the site.

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