xiaomi_mi_5Xiaomi is a company who is known to move many handsets in a very short amount of time. Given that they tend to operate in emerging markets and their devices are affordable and value for money, this doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact Xiaomi’s latest flagship the Mi 5 is no different from its predecessors.

The company has recently announced that for the upcoming handset’s release, they have seen 14 million people register their interest in purchasing the handset. Of course how many actually follow through remains to be seen, but even if half were to flake, 7 million sales right off the bat would still be extremely impressive.

Like we said, Xiaomi is no stranger to such numbers and we doubt the Mi 5 will be any different. What’s more impressive is the fact that unlike companies like Apple and Samsung who tend to launch their phones worldwide, the Mi 5 is only expected to launch in Xiaomi’s core markets for now, which includes countries in Asia as well as Brazil.

Xiaomi has yet to begin expanding to the US, but we imagine that if and when they do, those numbers might be even impressive. The handset is pegged for a release on the 1st of March where it will retail for $262 for the base model.

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