It was back in 2012 when YouTube launched a tool for content creators which allowed them to blur faces appearing in their videos. This was the first major step that YouTube took to provide visual anonymity tools to its community of creators. It’s now taking this one step further by launching a new custom tool that enables users to blur anything and everything in their video easily.


YouTube today launched Custom Blurring tool for creators. This new Enhancements feature is available on desktop versions of YouTube and it allows users to blur any object in their video even if it’s moving.

This makes it very easy for uploaders to easily censor sensitive information like a license plate or shipping address without having to reshoot the entire scene. The tool lets them blur objects throughout the video right within YouTube. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The tool can be accessed form within the Blurring Effects tab of the Enhancement tool. Draw a box around the object that needs to be blurred and the object will remain blurred as it moves throughout the video. Users can move the blurred area at any time and choose when the blur starts and stops. The Lock option allows users to blur an object that doesn’t move at all in the video.

YouTube says that it built this feature with visual anonymity in mind even though the use cases for this tool are limitless. It just wanted to give uploaders an easy way to blur things like contact information or financial data without having to first remove the video, make the edits in another software and then upload the video again.

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