There has been a lot of speculation about Amazon’s push for retail stores, which seems ironic since the online giant has put many out of business, but even if it doesn’t have major retail expansion plans it’s certainly looking to expand the presence of its physical stores. Amazon is going to open its second physical bookstore in a San Diego mall, the store will be located opposite an Apple Store and right next to a Tesla store. That’s good company to surround yourself with.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that signage has already been erected on the location which reads that the Amazon bookstore is going to arrive “this summer.” A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed to the scribe that it’s opening a store in the mall and that the company is currently in the process of hiring a manager and other employees for the location.

It was back in November last year that Amazon opened its first physical bookstore in Seattle. Since it’s a bookstore don’t expect to buy any other products aside from what you would expect in a typical bookstore and because it’s an Amazon store the company’s hardware, which includes tablets and smart speakers, is sold in the store as well.

There have been rumors about Amazon making a big retail expansion in the years to come and while the company hasn’t officially commented on these rumors if more of its bookstores keep popping up across the country it will become evident that Amazon wants to have a bigger retail footprint in the United States. It will also be interesting to see which country Amazon picks to open its first physical bookstore abroad.

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