color-calibration-screensIf there is one way that handset makers differentiate themselves from the others is through its display. We’re sure you’ve noticed why some displays might look more vibrant than others, and while display technology matters, it also boils down to how the handset maker has chosen to calibrate their display.

Now display calibration is largely a matter of personal preference, and the good news is that with Android N, Google appears to be giving users the ability to adjust the calibration to their own liking, as you can see in the screenshots above and a report from Android Central. This isn’t a particular new feature as some OEMs in the past have given users that freedom.

There are also some OEMs who lock users into what they have chosen, and sometimes you might need to download an app or a ROM just to calibrate your own display. However given that this feature is built into Android N, it means that users will be able to freely adjust their own displays without needing tweaks or ROMs to do so.

According to the report from Android Central, this feature isn’t as robust as it could be. For example changes can only be seen after you apply it, as opposed to seeing the changes being made in real-time. The upside is that you get a 10-second window to decide if this is what you want before they revert back to their previous settings. Now whether or not this feature makes its way to the final build remains to be seen, but hopefully it will.

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