Samsung-galaxy-S7-Edge-13_900As you might have heard, earlier today Google surprised everyone with the release of the developer preview of Android N, the next major build of Android. The platform will no doubt come with a host of new features and improvements that will make your mobile life more convenient, but they also included at least one feature that could potentially save your life.

According to a post on Reddit, it seems that some users have discovered a safety feature of Android N that allows users to save their emergency information for first responders. This is done during the phone’s setup process, although we suppose if you decide to skip it for now, you will be able to access it again in the Settings menu.

So what kind of information can you save? For starters you save your full name for identification purposes, along with your home/work address, date of birth, blood type, allergies, any medication you could be taking, along with any possible medical conditions and extra notes that you think that paramedics and doctors might need to know should they find you unconscious.

In order for first responders to access the information, they can tap the “Emergency” button on a locked phone, and then double tapping the “Emergency Info” button when it appears. Now there is some debate going on as to whether or not this information might be more detrimental than useful since just about anyone could easily access said information, so we guess it’s really up to you just how much information you think you want to make available. In the meantime those who are curious about Android N can go ahead and sign up to be part of its beta.

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