dark-souls-teaTo see video games tying in with the world of merchandise is nothing new at all, but then again, are there other areas in which video games have yet to make their mark where merchandise is concerned? The food and beverage department has certainly seen its fair share of crossovers, and this time around, it would be a box of Dark Souls Tea that had gone on sale on eBay – where it was picked up for more than 300 quid, now how about that?

It is not because the tea leaves were laced in gold or the box of tea arrived with diamonds studded all over it, but rather, this is a special collector’s item that was sold in order to raise money for charity. Drinking tea for a good cause, and yet having a nice box as a keepsake for fans of the video game, certainly that is a decent combination that will also soothe the soul as a good deed is performed along the way, don’t you think so?

The Dark Souls Tea was the brainchild of Yorkshire Tea, where this special edition 80-bag box of tea was officially modified to feature the Dark Souls name.

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